Revised 03/12/2015
These rules have been established by The Armadillo Resort.
The right is retained to add, amend, and/or delete rules with little or no notice.

All Members and Guests should frequent the Rules for any changes.
All Members and Guests are held accountable under current revision posted here.
These rules and regulations are incorporated into the rental agreement by this reference.

1  We reserve the right to refuse/discontinue service, memberships, day visits, and site rental to anyone.

2  Members must sign in and all Guests must check in upon entering Armadillo Resort’s grounds.

3  All Guests must sign a Guest Card and have proper I.D. to be allowed on Armadillo Resort grounds.

4  Courtesy is expected.  Behavior deemed, by Management, to be unacceptable will result in probation or cancellation of your membership or visitation at Armadillo Resort.  This includes social media postings.

5  Cameras, Camera Phones, or Video Recording Equipment of any kind are strictly prohibited on Armadillo Resort Grounds.  (The exception is with Management’s permission for special events.  At which time an announcement will be made that a camera will be used.)

6  A soapy shower MUST be taken before entering the pools or hot tub.

7  Nudity is mandatory in the pools and hot tub.

8  A towel must be used at all times while sitting on chairs or benches.

9  Glass containers, within the gated pool area, must be encased in a koozie or other covering.

10  Smoking is not permitted in the Barn, in the pools, or in the hot tub.  Smoking is allowed in the Smoking/TV Room.

11  Cigarette butts and ash must be disposed of in proper receptacles.

12  All sites (rented or permanent) must be kept clean at all times.

13  Campfires or Fire pits are not allowed.

14  Illegal “natural” or manufactured substances, illegal firearms, excessive drunkenness, offensive lewd behavior and child molestation will be dealt with immediately and handed over to the proper authorities if need dictates.

15  Solicitation (of any type) is not allowed on Armadillo Resort grounds unless approved by management.

16  Armadillo Resort has a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

17  Motorized vehicles must be driven by licensed drivers only.

18  Golf carts with minor drivers must have an adult passenger.

19 The following Vehicles are not approved to be on Armadillo grounds: Abandoned, Semi-Truck Cargo Trailers.

20  Quite hours:  Mon-Fri, 10PM – 8 a.m.   Sat-Sun, 2 a.m. – 10 a.m.

21 Acts of violence or threatening in nature will not be tolerated.  Reviewed incidents may result in Membership termination.  Guests may be banned from the grounds.

22“Towel Reserved” seating for dances will be forfeited at 9:30 PM.

23  A “Member-Visitor” is, of all accounts, a visitor of the Armadillo Resort. They must all be escorted through the access gate and guided directly to the Office for Registration, signing of a Release of Liability form, Background Check, and Payment. If the office is closed, then management should be called via the instructions on the office door. Free visits are determined by management in regards to preset policy. If this is violated, the member’s membership will be in jeopardy.


24  Minors (12 yrs. old and under): Minors must be supervised by their Parent/Guardian at all times.

25  Minors (17 yrs. old and under): Parents/Guardians will be held responsible for their minor’s safety, as well as, any damage to the club amenities or facilities.

26  Minors (12 yrs. old and under): Minors are not allowed at the pool, hot tub, restaurant, clubhouse, or store without responsible adult supervision.

27  Minors (15 yrs. old and under): Curfew is 9:00 PM on Saturday nights.
Curfew is 10:00 PM Sun-Fri nights.

28  Minors (17 yrs. old and under): No photographs, of any kind, are to be taken of minors.

29  Minors/Young Adults (20 yrs. old and under): Underage drinking will not be tolerated.


30  All pets must be on a leash/lead while near public areas.  Aggressive pets must be muzzled and/or kept from public areas.

31  Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets and must dispose of pet’s waste appropriately.

31  Pets are not allowed in the Gated Pool/Hot Tub Area, Barn, Smoking/TV Room, or Kitchen.


All Lot Rent is due on the 1st and late if not paid before the end of the day on the 5th.
A $20.00 initial late fee will apply on the sixth day plus $5.00 each additional day that the rent remains unpaid.  This will apply to each late rent, separately.    Lot Rent can be paid online, by mail, via slot in office door, or in person during office hours.

33 All Invoices must be paid Before or On the Invoice Due Date.
Invoices will contain charges such as: membership dues, residency fee, electric, rentals, store/ice, and others.  The invoice must be paid by its due date.  An Invoice Due Date is 15 days from the Invoice Date.  A $20.00 late fee will apply ON the sixteenth day. This will apply to each late invoice, separately.

34  A $35.00 charge will apply to all returned checks.

35  All Residents and Members must sign a “Release of Liability” and have proper I.D. to be allowed on Armadillo Resort grounds.

36  Full-time and Part-time Permanent sites must be kept and orderly.

37  Full-time and Part-time sites must be kept mowed.  If not maintained, Armadillo Staff will mow your lot and a $40.00 charge will be added to your bill.

38  All building or improvements, of any kind, must have written Management approval on file.

39  Hot tubs, small pools, or any club property will not be allowed on personal sites.

40 A 3 ft. easement must be kept between all lots.

41  Only Armadillo Resort staff will be allowed in the Kitchen.

42  “Resident-Visitors” must be escorted through the access gate and guided directly to resident’s site by the resident or designee. The “Resident-Visitor” is to remain IN the resident’s abode during their visit. Upon completion of the private visit, the “Resident-Visitor” must immediately exit the property without a “sight-seeing” tour.  By no means is the “Resident-Visitor” to be on the resort’s grounds (except for inside resident’s abode) or given an access code to the Armadillo Resort’s access gate.